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Just a bit about Island Breeze Carpet Cleaning...

In 2006 Island Breeze Carpet Cleaning purchased it's first carpet cleaner.  At that time, we didn't know that a business cleaning carpets was in our future, but the kids and dog kept messing up the carpets!  We spent a few hundred dollars on a carpet cleaner and realized our cleaner really helped preserve our carpets. After gaining a bit of experience and seeing what really works, we began working on carpets for friends and family.  Seeing the results and how happy people were, I realized working professionally was the right choice. 

After working for other companies, and being professionally trained to monitor the PH levels of chemicals and learning the benefits of multiple cleaning machines and philosophies of carpet cleaning, we opened Island Breeze as our family business.  We always show up on time and ready to work.  Your satisfaction is our #1 concern.  You will never find a company who is more passionate about your satisfaction.

We don't offer the whole house $99 special.  Quite simply, the work can't be done with care, with top chemicals, and high quality machinery for that kind of price.  We do however offer the very best value in the Pacific Northwest!  The ol' $99 trick is  out of date for those "in the know".  It doesn't include vacuuming, spot treating and stain removal, shampooing, sanitizing, and raking.  With cheap companies, the strains pop right back a week or two later, or the expensive sanitation has not been done.  If you want it all done right, the bill jumps to $300-$400.  Our pricing is honest and all inclusive, so there are no up charges.

The difference is this...

Companies that clean carpets choose whether they want to use a steam machine, or a carpet buffer.  When the job is done, both techniques seem to have gotten the job done.  The difference however will be seen over the next few weeks and months. 

Steam cleaning can only remove surface level dirt and stains. The steam machines work by using steam to loosen dirt and sanitize the carpet with heat.  Unfortunately the reality is that the steam blows the dirt and stains downward due to the pressure of their system. The stains and dirt are forced into the matting/padding underneath the carpet.  The carpet and matting is now drenched with water. This can lead to future mold growth and stains returning later.  The dirt not blown into the matting, is extracted leaving a clean carpet at the surface level. 

Island Breeze Carpet Cleaning uses a very different system.  We use about 1/50th the water of a steam system so your carpet is damp, but never drenched. (Yes, 1/50th)  This prevents water damage, is more environmentally friendly, and doesn't cause future mold under your carpet.  Our specialized rotating brush gently digs down into your carpet removing hair, dirt, dander, and filth.  There is never any downward blowing to hide the dirt.  Our circular rotating brush lifts the filth out of your carpet.  Your stains are removed, filth extracted, and your carpet truly cleaned and sanitized without the hidden damage steaming can leave behind.

Imagine trying to wash your dishes with only hot water and pressure.  You will use a lot more water, and still not get the dish truly clean. That is like cleaning with a steam system.  Now how much cleaner are your dishes if you use a little water, and a scrub brush?  Clearly the brush gets your dishes cleaner.  The same is true with your carpet.

First we vacuum your carpet with our Dyson vacuum. (It's the best)

We then use our high end stain and spot remover solution to pretreat any stains.

We then use our rotating brush system to "dry rub" the stained areas lifting and removing the stains.

Next, we shampoo your carpet using the very best in high end cleaning solutions.

Our sanitizer is applied last to kill bacteria and leave your carpet smelling fresh as an island breeze!

If you choose, we then apply the world famous Scotch Guard to help prevent future stains.  

The last step is vacuuming your carpets again to remove any left over residue we have drawn out of your carpet.

You are left with a sanitary beautiful spot free carpet that will feel soft and comfortable under your feet.  

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What our customers are saying

Your technician was on time and personable.  He was polite and very hard working.  The carpets looked amazing and smelled so good.  I was hoping the stains would come out and they did!  We will recommend you to our friends.  -- Amanda in Everett

Customer's keep coming back!

You have done our carpets 3 times now.  We will keep having you back.  You are not the cheapest, but the all natural approach is important to us.  You do offer the best value since the job is always done right. 

Sandy in Edmonds