Carpets feeling new and smelling fresh as an island breeze!    ALL NATURAL ORGANIC SOLUTIONS THAT WORK!!! Child and pet safe.

Our natural organic cleaning products leave your carpets truly clean and safe from harmful chemicals.  Our stain removal system and deep carpet scrub is like no other!  Call for a quote today!


Carpet Cleaning Pricing (ask for available discounts!)

Our pricing is 100% up front and honest.  There are no pricing changes from our quote, unless you add to your project.  Quotes do not include tax.

                                           Retail Rates are per area/room                                                                                         Scotch Guard-3M                                               

                                                         Bedroom $40                                                                                                  guaranteed satisfaction by 3M!

                                                          Hallway $25                                                                                                            25 cents per sq. ft.

                                                    Family Room $50                                                                                             (average bedroom is approx. $25)

                                                    Dining Room $40                                                                                       Scotch Guards by 3M is now ecofriendly!                 

                                                Recreation Room $50

                                                         Stairs $3 per


We often have promotions and discounts.  Ask about discounts for military, police & fire, teachers, and ministry leaders.

Service Prices

All prices are up front as quoted. Tax is not included on quotes.

6 Rooms plus Scotch Guard


Retail value $400

6 areas/rooms full service including 3M Scotch Guard

$.10 per sq. ft.

The most powerful stain guard on the market.  Teflon Advanced Formula.


8 Room Promotion


Per Week

8 areas/rooms including full service.

Click for promotion!


Maintenance Plan -- up to 8 rooms


Per Year

Best for Busy Homes

Quarterly Cleanings, every 3 months

Full cleaning as described 

Lowest Price/best value


Pricing Guide (ask about discounts!)

(1 room = under 300 sq. ft.)

Hallway = $25

Bedroom = $40

Family Room = $50

Living Room = $50

Dining Room = $40

Office = $35

Stairs = $3 per

What our customers are saying

I couldn't believe how well the stains came out. And the staircase is amazing. I didn't think anyone did things by hand anymore.  Thank you. See you next year for sure.

--Tammy Sheldon      Seattle